Hourly services start with a base price for one service. If you want a second service, consider booking more time. Additional services can be added at a flat rate (not hourly) of $50 each add-on service.

I have recently added tiered pricing, meaning that the more hours you book, the better discount you get! I also offer reduced rates for 501(c) non-profits hosting fundraisers.

After that, there may be required add-ons such as for travel. If your event is more than 1 hour drive from Evansville, I require a 2-hour minimum booking. I require shelter from the elements (sun, wind, rain). If shelter is not provided at your event, I can provide a 10×10 pop-up tent for an additional fee.

Another option I offer is called “pay-per-design” (PPD) instead of hourly. This means that the guests at your event pay out of their own pockets to get their faces painted or get a tattoo, like at a festival. Obviously this option is riskier for me, as a business, and hourly is usually preferable for smaller events. If the event is open to the public, there are multiple thousands of attendees, and if your advertising has alerted your guests to the expectation of paying for my services, PPD can work.