Face painting and freehand body art are similar to tattoos and other aesthetic body arts, in that it’s not the materials you are paying for, it’s the artist’s time and talent. Plus, like any freelance/entrepreneurial business, there’s a lot more than you think going into it behind the scenes! The costs — buying and maintaining a professional grade kit (I have invested thousands in my kit over the years), marketing and insurance, plus the time it takes to schedule bookings, keep up with customer contracts, run a website, and learn new designs — are all wrapped up into that hourly price you see. It may seem like all we do is show up at parties and have a great time (and we DO do that!) but more than half of the total work for that party, went into it before it even started!

That said, I always encourage people to try face painting and henna on their own! Make sure you are buying actual face paint, and not just acrylic paint (even if it says “non-toxic” it is not necessarily made for skin). If you buy pre-mixed henna cones, make sure you buy them FRESH from a professional henna artist (such as on Etsy). People who have tried doing body art themselves, usually have a renewed appreciation for the amount of skill it really takes to be a pro! I also offer private classes to those wishing to learn face painting or freehand temporary tattoos. Please inquire here if you would like to set up a private lesson.